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CO2e  Capital Limited (“CO2e”) is a merchant bank specialising  in renewable and alternative energy with an intended byproduct of significantly reducing global greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e).  Our practice is comprised of four business lines:

·  Investment banking and corporate finance

·  Emissions credit brokerage

·  Fund management and marketing

CO2e leverages understanding, experience and relationships in the global marketplace. Our team of partners has fostered working relationships in Europe, Africa and Asia for many years differentiating our projects from those that pass through multiple layers of brokers and banks before arriving at the end investor.

Our clients are offered access to projects directly through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), as well as via private equity and hedge funds.

Renewable energy types in which CO2e Capital is currently advising clients and financing projects include: hydro, solar, wind, biomass conversion and geothermal.

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